21st Philippine Coalition Against Tuberculosis Annual Convention

It is always a pleasure to invite you to the 21st Annual Convention of the Philippine Coalition Against Tuberculosis (PhilCAT).

This year’s convention theme, “Firming Up TB Control! Interweaving Dogmas and Practices” attempts to present tuberculosis (TB) from the clinical and non-clinical perspective for the holistic care of the TB patient. The convention will take off tackling the socioeconomic aspect of disease. On center stage is diagnosing and treating TB in vilnerable groups and in patients with common co-morbid medical conditions. Novel strategies in improving diagnostic turnaround times and treatment adherence will also be presented both in programmatic and non-programmatic setting. Destigmatizing TB in the community will be highlighted using traditional and non-traditional approaches.

Hopefully, the convention will provide valuable inputs not only to clinicians but also TB program implementers, advocates, community organizers and local executives to improve current practices, cognizant of recent policies and standards to effectively achieve post-MDG milestones.

I enjoin everyone to take advantage of this convention as an opportunity for learning and meaningful interactions with experts and colleagues.

We hope to see you there!

Lalaine L. Mortera, MD, FPCP, FPCCP
National Chair

Convention Topics:
1. Achieving the MDGs of TB Control: Moving Beyond 2015
2. Drug Resistance Surveillance on TB
3. TB DOTS: Strengths and Continuing Challenges
4. Tobacco and TB: Links & Best Options
5. Working Ways in Managing Childhood TB
6. Novel Diagnostics: Applicability Now and Beyond
7. Maximizing Preventive Measures to Limit Spread
8. Effective “Apps” on Treating TB
9. TB Post-Disaster and Calamities
10. Active and Latent TB in the Vulnerable Groups
11. Thinking Outside the Box in the MOP Implementation
12. MDRTB Diagnostics and Treatment
13. Addressing the Stigma and Misconceptions
14. Rapid Fire with the Experts: Dillemmas and Difficulties in Handling TB

Registration: P2,200
Trainees (Residents/Fellows): P1,700

For Details Call:
(02) 781.9535


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